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Our Certifications

Due to continually serving high-quality products over the years, we have been given the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the Organic Certificate.

Our Infrastructure

To ensure flawless production of Grow-Win Plant Growth Regulators, Bio-Win Bio Granules, Soil-Win Granulated Soil Conditioners, Granulated City Compost Fertilizers, and more products, we have constructed a robust manufacturing unit. The unit is equipped with all the required machinery and equipment that are needed for the production of a product range that has unparalleled quality. Moreover, attached to the manufacturing unit, there are many other units too, such as quality control, packaging, research and development, a warehouse, etc. Each unit is handled by competent personnel and works together in coordination with one another to ensure the smooth functioning of the company.

Our Associations

We hate boasting about how popular we are in the market; instead, we let the facts and statistics speak for us. Below are some high-end companies with whom we have been associated for a long time now:

  • Kissan Agri Mall
  • Sri Sai Agri Technologies
  • Nagarjuna Group
  • Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd
  • Patanjali Organic Research Institute
  • Coromandel
  • Greenstar
  • Fertis
  • Mirabelle Agro Manufacturing Pvt Ltd
  • Dhana Crop Sciences Ltd
  • Spic
  • Pudami Agri Mart

Our Objectives and Values

  • Objective: We aim to manufacture and offer fertilizers that promote crop yield capacity. A crop yield is rich with several nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, etc. These nutrients ensure that the crop grows faster and bigger, leading to more production of food to feed the human population.
  • Aim of Organic Farming: It is done in order to maintain soil health and enhance the required nutrients in it. Moreover, it is also practiced to reduce or avoid air and groundwater pollution in addition to maintaining the ecological balance. Organic farming is beneficial for enhancing crop productivity as well.
  • Value Preposition: Our aim is to become one of the most preferred companies in the market for high-quality products. We have developed top-notch research facilities that help us manufacture best-in-class products.
  • All Plant Life Is Important: Since the beginning, we have been committed to bringing organic, inorganic, and sustainable approaches to our customers. We take immense satisfaction in incorporating simple, easy-to-use agricultural solutions made from all-natural components to produce gorgeous blooms, lush lawns, flourishing fruit and vegetables, healthier plants, etc.

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